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The Southeast Michigan Center for Medical Education (SEMCME), formerly The OHEP Center for Medical Education, was established in 1974 for the purpose of coordinating and assisting in the education of medical care personnel in southeastern Michigan. Its primary mission is to stimulate the delivery of quality care through excellence in education.

According to the SEMCME archives, the earliest discussions about creating a medical education consortium occurred in 1969. Through the years that followed, this effort gained momentum, and in 1973, six hospitals (Crittenton, Pontiac General, Pontiac Osteopathic, Providence, St. Joseph Mercy, and William Beaumont) and three universities (Oakland, The University of Michigan, and Wayne State) signed an agreement declaring their intentions to establish an educational corporation. A year later in the fall of 1974, the Oakland Health Education Program was formally incorporated, and, in 1976, a permanent office and staff were established.

The organizations functions have shifted in response to a changing medical care environment and its membership has also changed. In 1982, the Board of Directors began to explore the expansion of SEMCME membership and in 1983 established new membership categories (program, associate, and full). Likewise, the membership service area was expanded to include the whole metropolitan area. At the end of 1983, Crittenton Hospital and William Beaumont Hospital withdrew from full membership. St. John Hospital joined the organization as a program member in 1984, became an associate member in 1989, and a full member in 1991. Mt. Carmel Mercy Hospital became an associated member in 1984 and a full member in 1986. Grace Hospital acquired Mt. Carmel in 1990 and replaced it as a full member. Beaumont Hospital returned as a program member in Ob/Gyn in 1987, became an associate member in 1990 with the addition of Family Practice, withdrew from membership in 1993, and returned as a program member in Ob/Gyn in 1994. In 1989, Oakwood Healthcare System joined as a program member in Internal Medicine followed by Bon Secours Hospital which joined in 1990 as a program member in Internal Medicine.

In 1989-90 the organization made several major changes to reflect its continued growth as an area health education center. OHEP changed its name to the Southeast Michigan Center for Medical Education (SEMCME) and moved its offices to a more central location. In September 1990, the Wayne State University School of Medicine, the Detroit Medical Center, and OHEP signed major affiliation agreements in Internal Medicine and Continuing Medical Education. A third affiliation agreement in family practice was added in 1993. Sinai Hospital of Detroit, which joined OHEP in 1992 as a program member in surgery and became an associate member with the addition of family practice in 1993, became a full member in January 1994. In 1993, Bon Secours Hospital added family practice to become an associate member. In December 1993, the Detroit Medical Center joined OHEP as a full member in a new category, multi-hospital system membership. The addition of these new members effectively doubled OHEP's size.

In 1996, the Henry Ford Health System joined the OHEP organization for the first time as a program member in Ob/Gyn. Another event in 1996, OHEP and the WSU School of Medicine signed a fourth affiliation agreement in surgery and officially established the WSU-OHEP Medical Education Consortium by signing their general consortium agreement. In 1998, Oakwood Healthcare System expanded its membership from program member to full member. Henry Ford Health System became a full member in 2000 and William Beaumont Hospital became a full member in 2002.

The organization has continued to evolve. In 2004, a major reorganization occurred in response to the ever changing medical education environment. To better reflect its presence in Southeast Michigan, the organization changed it name to The Southeast Michigan Center for Medical Education (SEMCME). In addition to streamline operations, the SEMCME moved its offices to the Wayne State University School of Medicine campus. This move allows the organization to continue to work closely with the WSU School of Medicine, combining the strengths of the medical school and the community teaching hospitals to enhance medical teaching and promote quality of care in Southeastern Michigan.

Beginning with the 2006-07 academic year, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Ann Arbor joined SEMCME as a full member insitution therby extending the membership service area to include Washtenaw county. In July, 2007, Crittenton Hospital joined SEMCME as a program member with the launch of its Family Medicine residency.

In 2010, SEMCME welcomed St. Mary Mercy Hospital, located in Livonia, as an Associate Member in Family Medicine and Internal Medicine.  In 2013, St. Mary elevated its membership to full member status.