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The Consortium for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis (CARMA) invites you to view their Detroit short courses coming up in June.

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Advance Registration Prices (through March 12):

$300 for students (residents)

$400 for faculty

If you do not have a Wayne State Affiliation, you could consider this option:

Become a CARMA member for $300 annually. This would allow anyone from your group to get the discount on any courses. CARMA members would also have access to the recorded lectures (which include several on meta-analysis).

For questions, please contact Dr. Larry Williams at

CARMA Short Courses in Detroit, Michigan, June 2018 - Two Sessions, Twelve Course Options


Hosted by Wayne State University


Session 1: June 4-6, Six Course Options | Session 2: June 7-9, Six Course Options


Short Course Sessions and Groupings

We offer two sessions which allows course participants the opportunity to take two back-to-back courses that compliment one another. All courses in a session are taught concurrently, so a participant can take only one course per session.

Complete Course Listing

Session 1

Monday June 4 (all day), Tuesday June 5 (all day), and Wed. June 6 (half day)

Session 2

Thursday June 7 (all day), Friday June 8 (all day), and Sat. June 9 (half day)

  1. "Introduction to Meta-Analysis" - Dr. Ernest O’Boyle, Indiana University
  2. "Advanced SEM I: Measurement Invariance, Latent Growth Modeling & Nonrecursive Modeling" - Dr. Robert Vandenberg
  3. "Introduction to Multilevel Analysis" - Dr. James LeBreton
  4. "Introduction to R" - Dr. Scott Tonidandel
  5. "Intro to Big Data and Data Mining with R" - Dr. Jeff Stanton
  6. "Intermediate Regression: Multivariate/Logistic, Mediation/Moderation" - Dr. Ron Landis
  1. "Introduction to Structural Equation Methods" - Dr. Larry J Williams
  2. "Advanced SEM II: Missing Data Issue in SEM, Multi-Level SEM and Latent Interactions" - Dr. Robert Vandenberg
  3. "Advanced Multilevel Analysis" - Dr. James LeBreton
  4. "Multivariate Statistics with R" - Dr. Steve Culpepper
  5. "Analysis of Big Data" - Dr. Fred Oswald
  6. "Advanced Regression: Alternatives to Difference Scores, Polynomial and Response Surface Methods" - Dr. Jeff Edwards